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We have worked with a large number of clients at both local level and state level. Our clientele includes city councils, state government departments and universities.

We are privileged to have taken our expertise and reputation as a leading transport planning firm across the Victorian and Australian borders.

Movement & Place Consulting aims to always maintain the utmost levels of service for our clients and strives to place itself at the forefront of Strategic Transport Services to both Government and large public sector organisations, it is this reason that we are able to develop strong lasting relationships with reliable partners and clients


Parking Strategy & Frameworks

Transport planning for Precincts & Campuses

Network Planning & Improvement Options

Bid & Procurement Support

Transport Planning


Regional & Metropolitan Integrated Transport Planning

Precinct & Campus Movement and Access Planning

Network Planning & Improvement Options

Parking Strategy and Frameworks

Bid & Procurement Support

We provide a range of services, including integrated transport and land use planning, activity centre, strategic and structure planning, transit network planning, parking management strategies, business cases, feasibility studies, and options assessments. We do so by undertaking evidence-based analysis and effective stakeholder engagement that facilitate use to provide innovate solutions to serve client needs.

We have managed a range of multidisciplinary public realm projects, including the development of activity centre transport strategies, urban growth area plans, integrated transport plans, car share policies, congestion and pedestrian studies, shared mobility strategies and business plans and carshare policies. Our work has resulted in increased economic outcome, social benefits, reduced urban heat island and efficient transport outcomes.




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