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Transport, Planning & Design Supporting Great Cities

Movement & Place Consulting provide a range of services, including integrated transport and land use planning, activity centre, strategic and structure planning, transit network planning, parking management strategies, business cases, feasibility studies, and options assessments. We do so by undertaking evidence-based analysis and effective stakeholder engagement that facilitate use to provide innovate solutions to serve client needs.

The Movement & Place Consulting team has over 20 years’ experience in transport and land-use planning, providing expert advice to public sector organisations and government departments. In addition, we have strong networks in the planning and transport fields across Australia and have extensive stakeholder engagement experience with public and private entities.

The team consists of seasoned consultants and apprentices who all share the same ethos and company vision - to provide innovative solutions to tackle today's most complex challenges. The team, led by Knowles Tivendale, has creative vision and due regard for political realities and stakeholder needs, which helps produce the best possible outcomes.


We have managed a range of multidisciplinary public realm projects, including the development of activity centre transport strategies, urban growth area plans, integrated transport plans, car share policies, congestion and pedestrian studies, shared mobility strategies and business plans and carshare policies. Our work has resulted in increased economic outcome, social benefits, reduced urban heat island and efficient transport outcomes.

We firmly believe that a "one-size-fits-all" approach is inappropriate in our field of work. Each problem requires a slightly unique, more optimised set of solutions to ensure desired outcomes are met. Feel free to share your story, and we will help you make it better.

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