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Creating Inspiring Cities

Since its inception Movement & Place Consulting has commenced over 100 projects and now works with most Victorian Municipalities and multiple Universities across Australia.
Movement & Place Consulting aims to at all times maintain the utmost levels of service for our clients and strives to place itself at the forefront of the Strategic Transport Services to Government and large public sector organisations

The story of Movement & Place Consulting starts in 2018 when Knowles Tivendale decided to focus on strategic transport consulting services, he felt there was a need for more innovative yet pragmatic, client-focused transport consultants who were willing to partner and grow with various client cohorts and take on the role of a trusted advisor in the transport sector

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About Us

Our team includes a range of full-time and part-time staff with diverse backgrounds and interests. Our capabilities cover all land use and transport planning, all modes, parking and economic analysis. Our team has deep functional experience in strategic planning and policy development. 

Knowles Tivendale

Managing Director

William McDougall

Senior Associate

Dr Euan Ramsay

Senior Associate

Dave King

Senior Associate

Rick Williams


Dr Laura Aston

Senior Consultant

Caitlyn Mulvogue-Pasquali


Steven Horvat


Angela Mejia


Finlay Esler


Daniel Mersin


Alliyah Mendoza


Sara Baker

Executive Assistant

Administrative Assistant

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Movement & Place Consulting Ethos


Mission Statement

Movement and Place Consulting aims to help create efficient transport and land use outcomes that provide sustainable, resilient and effective access to services and opportunities


Company vision

Movement and Place Consulting aims for:

High quality outcomes that respect each community's circumstances

Transport strategies that lead to wider benefits including economic growth, environmental sustainability and social equity


Company Values

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We work alongside a range of organisations including Monash University, La Trobe University, Parking Perspectives (UK) and a range of other discipline specific firms.

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